Several days after our event is over, we still have donations trickling in. Most are people who were unaware of the fundraising event happening. Or were unable to attend. We are happy to receive any donation amount at anytime from anyone. You can mail a check into our office or pay directly online using PayPal. It's very easy and takes just a few minutes. Go to our "support us" page to see how.

So far we have raised over $50,000 dollars. Our costs to host the event were less than expected, thanks entirely to Don Murphy who has always been a huge supporter of our effort since we started the endowment back in 2007. Don Murphy has played a significant role in many community fundraising drives here in Honolulu. Don and his staff put in a lot of extra time and effort to help other organizations raise funds for great causes that benefit our community. He deserves far more recognition than he gets. He has committed himself towards these positive efforts that improve the city of Honolulu and benefit the residents who work and live here everyday. Don and Marion Murphy are great "neighbors" to have on our waterfront. 

Next time you are thinking about drinks and a night out, stop by Murphy's on the corner of Nuuanu and Merchant streets. They serve up a great menu of food (both lunch and dinner), have a great selection of beers, and an outstanding friendly staff. The bar is separate from the restaurant and there is always a 'game' on their many TVs if you're interested.