A fantastic success

Late night, after a very long day. Many hours of hard work setting up and preparing for an event, you're never sure how it will really go. But our Hawaii waterfront ohana never ceases to amaze me. Our smallest venue yet, our smallest crowd in years, the least amount of tables sold, due to limitations of space.

But it was our highest grossing year....ever.

Is that awesome or what?

Details will follow later. And pictures, too. But for now my eyes are tired and my next job is early tomorrow AM. Mahalo to all our supporters everywhere. Kawika would be proud of "our" effort. To all who attended and even those who did not, I want to say to you a genuine and heartfelt, THANK -YOU! It was fun, exciting, enjoyable, and so great to see so many waterfront faces together in one place having fun enjoying each others company. And all for great cause, too. How fantastic is that?