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On January 29th, 2006, Captain Dave Lyman was piloting a large cruise ship out from Nawiliwili harbor on the island of Kaua‘i in the late afternoon. It was a typically beautiful trade wind weather day in Hawai‘i. After safely clearing the harbor, Lyman bid farewell to the bridge officers and headed down to disembark the ship onto the pilot boat. While climbing off the ship, he fell into the ocean and sustained life-threatening injuries. While both passengers and crew looked on in horror, Lyman was brought aboard the pilot boat and quickly taken back to shore. He died later that evening in the hospital at Līhuʻe.

By the next morning, the entire waterfront across the Hawaiian Islands was stunned to learn of this terrible tragedy. By the evening, the maritime industry, from Europe to Japan, was saddened to hear of Captain Dave Lyman’s untimely death.

Friends and family of Lyman knew that his passing must be immortalized in some way, such that his memory would live on. Lyman was a champion of supporting and encouraging Hawai‘i’s youth to enter the maritime industry. Lyman truly believed that Hawaiians growing up in the Islands, surrounded by the ocean all their lives and with a natural affinity for the sea, made the best seafarers. What better way to embrace his memory than to support the young men and women who follow Lyman’s dream?

The Dave Lyman Memorial Scholarship Board

Lori Ikehara-Lyman

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Lyle Holden

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We are a 501(c)3 non-profit entity. We are registered with the State of Hawai‘i Attorney General’s Office and the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. Our Federal Tax ID # is 38-3735955 - “CAPTAIN DAVID LYMAN MARITIME SCHOLARSHIP FUND.”