Scholarship Information


The Dave Lyman Memorial Scholarship provides approximately $2500 to every recipient, for each year they attend The California Maritime Academy (Cal Maritime), for a maximum of four years.

To apply for the scholarship, an applicant must first be accepted to the Cal Maritime. The Cal Maritime Admissions office and Financial Aid office will determine if an applicant meets the financial need criteria. A qualifying applicant must then submit a written letter to the Dave Lyman Memorial Scholarship Board. The letter must give a brief personal history of the applicant, why they chose to attend Cal Maritime, and why they believe they should be selected to receive the scholarship assistance. These submission details will be provided by the Cal Maritime Admissions Officer.

The Dave Lyman Memorial Scholarship Board has determined the following criteria will be used for selecting a suitable recipient:

  • Must be from Hawai‘i or living in Hawai‘i
  • Must be enrolled in either a Deck or Engine “USCG License” curriculum
  • Should have a career goal of sailing on board a vessel at sea for at least a short period of time prior to moving ashore
  • His/Her long-term career goals should include returning to Hawai‘i’s maritime industry at some point in the future
  • A desire to kokua (help) Hawai‘i’s youth in their efforts to discover our maritime industry and to “give back” the kokua they received, are worth big points