Well, it seemed like it was a long way off and then...it was here already?!?! Negotiations with the State of Hawaii DOT-Harbors Division and also with Hawaii Pacific University were a bit challenging. While both parties supported our effort to host another event at Aloha Tower, the City and County Fire Marshall had a different idea.

Since there are now students living in the dormitory surrounding the Tower, a "Fire Lane" has to be maintained. Tables and seats for our event would simply be pushed aside and little room was left to accommodate all our guests and supporters. So we appreciated the effort and support from DOT-Harbors and HPU. But it was not meant to be. We started looking at other venues and realized the GORDON BIERSCH BREWERY RESTAURANT right on Pier 9 directly in front of where the Training Ship golden bear will be berthed, seemed like a perfect place to be.

Isn't that every sailor's dream? To walk off your ship, down the gangway and directly into the bar of your choice just steps away from the ship! Ha!!

Stand by for more posts and information about our event. Don't forget to contact Leilani at Matson ASAP at 848-1259 to order your seats or table. We'd like a good head count of our guests as soon as we can. The event is a little more than a month away.