Last month we solicited help from our waterfront community to raise money for our memorial scholarship fund. Matson Navigation was first to provide a check for funds that “kick-started” our fundraising drive. Soon we had heard from several other supporters and are very pleased to report on our success so far.

We have received very generous donations from:

Hawaii Stevedores

McCabe, Hamilton & Renny

Capt. Peter & Virginia McIssac Charitable Fund

Mr. Timothy Dick

International Organization of Masters, Mates, & Pilots

IES Retail, LLC

Honolulu Sailors Home Society

All donations received (so far) have totaled to over $22,000 !! This is an incredible amount of kokua and support. The organizations listed have been huge supporters through all the years we have had the DAVE LYMAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND in existence. We not only appreciate the generosity of those that give their financial support, but truly appreciate their continued effort to memorialize Kawika’s legacy.

We cannot provide tuition assistance to young local men and women of Hawaii that hope to attend the California Maritime Academy if we did not enjoy the ongoing support and generosity of local Hawaii business leaders. We have also received numerous individual donations from a variety of friends all around the country that support our effort. If any individual or other organization would like to make a donation at ANY time, it’s very easy to mail us a check or go online and use a credit card through PayPal. See our ‘support’ page.

On behalf of the entire Dave Lyman Ohana, friends, & Board Members, we say “Mahalo” for your donations and thank you for your continued support!