It’s been awhile since ‘any’ post was made. But with the anniversary of Kawika’s accident occurring tomorrow, it was time to make that effort.

FYI for all interested readers; each year on January 29th, we take the pilotboat HONOLULU out to where we scattered Capt. Dave’s ashes at sea, at the Pilot Station, back in 2006. We stop the boat, scatter fresh Hawaiian flowers, pour a few cold beers (because we know Kawika will enjoy that!), and even a small bottle of Chevas Regal…which is for Kawika’s good friend who is out there with him, Capt Skip Naftel. There actually are several other well known seafarers that share that water grave. They watch their friends come and go through the pilot boarding grounds each day.

We say a few words, say a prayer, think of memorable moments, and then return back to our dock.

For any readers who would like to know more, please click around on this website. Go to the “Dave Lyman” page to find out more about just who Captain Dave Kawika Lyman really was.

If You feel so compelled on this somber anniversary date, make a small donation to further Dave’s effort to help young local kids trying to get into our local maritime industry by providing tuition assistance for them to attend Dave’s alma mater, Cal Maritime Academy.

We all appreciate that consideration and your kokua! Don’t be afraid to leave a comment or share a sea story about Kawika….we’ll all enjoy it, too.