I received word directly from Capt. Harry Bolton that the T/S GOLDEN BEAR is arriving into Hawaii a bit early. She will be at the Honolulu Pilot Station on WEDNESDAY MAY 30TH AT 1500 (3:00 PM). The ship will be docking at the makai side of Aloha Tower complex, on Pier 9. The public will have access and be allowed on the pier when the ship arrives. This is an 'open' area to the public which is easily accessed by simply walking through the Aloha Tower/HPU complex or along pier 8 on the Diamond Head side, adjacent to Nashville Waikiki and Hooters. No ID is required.

For those on Maui, the T/S GOLDEN BEAR WILL ANCHOR OFF LAHAINA THE EVENING OF MAY 22ND. They remain at anchor in the Lahaina Roadstead until May 26th when they get underway at 0800 for sea. The BEAR typically remians slow steaming off the lee of Maui doing drills and maneuvering exercises until she heads for her Honolulu arrival.